High Definition Sound


A Heavenly Sound from Sophisticated 4BA Drivers

Hand Crafted Premium IN-EAR MONITOR
with 4 Balanced Armature Drivers

Sound by COWON

High Definition Sound   I   
Hand Crafted Premium IN-EAR MONITOR   I   
High Precision Quad Balanced Armature Drivers   I   
High Resolution and Perfectly Balanced Sound

High, Mid & Low Crossover   I   
99.99% 4-Wire Silver Plated Custom Cable   I   

Detachable CIEM 2PIN Connecting Cable   I   
Comfortable Fit and Impressive Sound Isolation

Clear Sound and Robust Metal Nozzle   I   
Comply™ Foam Premium Eartips   I   
Premium Seamless Black Shell Body   I   
Finest Quality Leather Case

HD Sound through Handcrafted IEMs with Ultra-Precision 4BA Drivers

Sophisticated 4BA(Balanced Armature) drivers, unique acoustic design, and the finest tuning technology meet to create a heavenly sound.
High-definition sound through ultra-precision 4BA drivers and masterful manual tuning deliver majestic bass tones and clear highs.
The sleek, robust yet delicately handcrafted PLENUE X40 delivers listening bliss.

Premium IN-EAR MONITORS Handcrafted from Start to Finish

From the housing created by experienced professionals with years of manufacturing know-how to the circuit board and bore, each PLENUE X40 is delicately hand-crafted from start to finish.
When completed, each premium IN-EAR MONITOR passes through rigorous and precise tuning and testing by audio experts.

Precision 4 Balanced Armature Drivers

Each side features four balanced armature drivers, two handling the low range and one each for mid and high ranges.

Eight drivers deliver robust bass and delicate treble tones.

What is a Balanced Armature?

A Balanced Armature unit used in premium earphones employs a metal-based ultra-thin diaphragm that directly receiver vibrations from the armature and metal drive pin to produce Hi-Fi sounds.

This high-end driver unit delivers clear and flat sounds and is ideal for noise isolation and treble reproduction. Even the most subtle sounds are clearly produced thanks to the lack of coil-produced vibrations.

High, Mid & Low Crossover

A sophisticated crossover separates sound signals into three frequency ranges to faithfully reproduce sound through four balanced armature drivers.

The 3-way crossover deliver a harmonious and perfectly-balanced sound, from the deepest bass to the clearest highs.

99.99% Silver Plated Custom Cable

The PLENUE X40’s 99.99% pure silver-plated cables deliver a fast, accurate signal with the lowest conduction resistance to precisely express every detail in high-definition sound. Audio experts use the highest standards of precision when handcrafting the custom cables, which are twisted to minimize electromagnetic interference.

Detachable CIEM 2PIN Connecter

The cables feature detachable 2-pin CIEM(Custom In-Ear Monitor) connectors to ensure compatibility with other custom cables. The protruding 2-pin connector resists external impacts, offers excellent stability, high fastening force, and minimal connection failure for longer IEM life. The PLENUE X40’s modular design allows convenient cable replacement should one ever break.

Comfortable Fit and Impressive Sound Isolation

3D-printed housing ensures a secure, comfortable fit for every ear size and shape.

The PLENUE X40’s housings are exquisitely crafted by skilled experts for the ultimate comfort, fit, and insulation to deliver a simply awesome listening experience.

Clear Sound and Robust Metal Nozzle

The PLENUE X40’s nozzles use brass for clearer, cleaner high-definition sound.

The black, nickel-plated brass nozzles retain their original strength and color to harmonize with the black shell body.

Premium Seamless Black Shell Body

The PLENUE X40’s housings feature a smooth, seamless design that stands above other face plate mounting methods. The exquisitely-finished seamless black shell and curvaceous body blend perfectly with any color for a rich, luxurious listening experience.

Comply™ Foam Premium Eartips

The wearer’s body temperature prepares the premium Comply™ foam earphone tips to conform to every ear canal shape for a secure, comfortable fit. The wearer’s body temperature and movements allow the Comply™ foam tips to conform to the shape of every ear canal for a secure, comfortable fit.

Final Eartips

High-quality, form-fitting Final Audio Design ear tips and silicon tips in multiple sizes are provided to ensure the most comfortable fit.

Finest Quality Leather Case

The PLENUE X40’s good-looking, easy-to-carry leather case provides robust protection and comfortable convenience.

The case’s waterproof zipper protects the IEMs from impact and the X40 from water damage.


Driver Unit 4 Balanced Armature Drivers per Side with High, Mid & Low Crossover
Sensitivity (SPL) 118dB (1kHz/1mW drive)
Frequency Response 10Hz to 23kHz
Impedance 35Ω @ 1kHz
Cable Type 4-Wire Silver Plated Cable with Detachable 2PIN Connecter / 3P, 3.5mm Gold Plated Plug
Cable Length 1.2m

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