Cord Free, True Freedom
Go Wireless for True Freedom

Cord Free EarbudsITrue Wireless StereoIHigh Sensitivity Embedded AntennaIBluetooth 5.0
High Quality Stereo SoundISafe&Convenient Single Mode / Dual ModeIUp to 24 Hours Playback (Single Mode)
Hands Free Calls (Dual Voice Receiver)IHigh Performance Dual MicrophoneIAuto On/Off & Auto Pairing
Portable Magnetic Charging CradleIIn-Ear Ergonomic Secure FitIStylish Art DesignIChic Matte Black Color
Fast ChargingILight / Ultra SmallIIPX4 WaterproofISpeech Recognition Function

Matte Black Color and Call Audio in Both Channels


In contrast to the luxurious CF2, the COWON CT5 features a matte black color for a chic yet urban quality.
All of CF2’s convenient features are included, and hands-free call audio is output in both left and right channels for added convenience.

Say Good-Bye to Tangled Cords
with Completely Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The COWON CT5 Bluetooth earphones are truly wireless, having eliminated the cumbersome cord that connects the left and right earphones.
Stop worrying about having earphone cords tangle from turning your head and start enjoying your listening freedom.
The COWON CT5 earphones fit perfectly in your ears and maintain the sense of freedom even when you’re exercising.

Powerful High-Quality Stereo Sound without Wires
High Quality Stereo Sound

Enjoy a detailed, balanced stereo sound through perfectly separated left and right channels and precision-balanced tuning.
Feel the sensation of wireless sound that is superior to wired earphones through high-quality audio brought to you
by COWON’s advanced technologies.

High-Sensitivity Ceramic Antenna for
Uninterrupted Sound Even on the Move

The COWON CT5 Bluetooth earphones have dramatically improved upon disconnection issues, an area where other wireless Bluetooth earphones suffer most. The embedded high-sensitivity ceramic antenna provides a powerful, stable wireless connection between not only the left and right earphones but the Bluetooth device as well. There is no interruption when on the move, whether on a subway or bus, and seamless sound is maintained in open spaces for up to 40 meters.

Powerful Batteries for 24 Hours of Listening

The earphones feature built-in 50 mAh batteries, and the charging cradle features a large-capacity 500 mAh battery, providing 3 hours of playback in Dual Mode and 3.5 hours of playback in Single Mode. Even when recharging both earphones, the cradle battery provides enough power to charge the earphones 3.5 times without the need to plug in a power cable. When alternating earphones in Single Mode, more than 24 hours of listening can be achieved. Rapid recharging allows for a full recharge in just one hour even when recharging both the cradle and an earphone.

* Based on alternating playback and recharging in Single Mode. Performance may
   vary depending on actual usage environment.

Call Audio in Both Left
and Right Channels

When in dual-channel mode, most wireless Bluetooth earphones only output audio through a single channel for voice calls. The COWON CT5 outputs call audio in both channels so that, if needed, you can bring the microphone of the left earphone closer to your mouth. You can now send the clearest voice possible even when making calls in noisy environments or public places.

In Dual Mode

When using Dual Mode, the sound can be heard from both left and right earphones during calls. Mic only operates on left earphone so make sure to put the left earphone near your mouth during calls.

In Single Mode

In Single Mode, each earphone will output sound with both microphones enabled for use.

Bluetooth 5.0
for a Faster, Farther Wireless Connection

Bluetooth 5.0 is twice as fast as the previous iteration and offers four times the range and eight times the data bandwidth. The double transmission speed reduces transmission time and battery consumption, and quadruple range allows seamless connections up to 40 meters in low-power mode. Relish in the joy of wireless with the improved performance of Bluetooth 5.0.

State-of-the-Art Airoha Audio Chip

The COWON CT5 earphones are equipped with an Airoha audio chip optimized for ultra-small Bluetooth earphones. Combined with a high transmission/reception rate and powerful noise-blocking ceramic antenna, the state-of-the-art Airoha audio chip allows you to wirelessly listen to high-quality sound sources in superb stereo sound that is clear and seamless whether you’re in a crowded place or on public transportation.

Clear Hands-Free Call Quality
via Dual High-Sensitivity Microphones

Because each earphone is equipped with its own microphone, calls can be made through either earphone when using Single Mode. The dual high-sensitivity microphones feature noise reduction and echo cancellation to deliver a clear, noise-free voice, and a voice prompt notifies you of received calls.

Up to 24 Hours of Playback
with Charging Cradle

Enjoy COWON CT5 all day without a charging cable. In Single Mode, you can alternate between the left and right earphones while charging the unused earphone on the cradle for a total of more than 24 hours of playback on a full charge. Single Mode is particularly useful when listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

* The playback time is based on the company’s own test standards,
   thus it may differ from the actual playback time.

Small, Comfortable, and Well-Fitting
In-Ear Ergonomic Secure Fit Design

One major downside of wireless earphones is their massive size and the corresponding inconvenience due to their poor in-ear fitment.
The COWON CT5 earphones are small in size and feature an ergonomic design that dramatically improves upon this disadvantage to fit snugly into the ears.
They rest naturally on the protrusions of the ears for better stability regardless of the ear shape. The in-ear isolating design allow the earphones to sit comfortably in the ear canals and remain comfortable even wearing for extended periods.
The COWON CT5 provide a snug, secure fit suitable for active on-the-go lifestyles whether you’re walking or running.

Stay Safe and Aware of
Your Surrounding in Single Mode

The COWON CT5 earphones can be used in Single Mode in which each earphone operates independently. You can use your earphones in a safer manner by using just one earphone and to avoid potentially-dangerous situations while driving or walking having external sounds completely blocked out.

Dual Mode and Single Mode
Listening for Listening Freedom

The COWON CT5 earphones can be used in Dual or Single Modes in which the earphones are used at the same time or independently, respectively. With the COWON CT5, you can freely choose between Dual Mode for listening to music or Single Mode for listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

Seamless Automation

Simply remove the earphones and plug them into your ears. COWON CT5 will take care of the rest. Simply remove the COWON CT5 earphones from the cradle, and everything is taken care of seamlessly from powering on to device pairing and L/R earphone connection. To turn off the power or recharge the earphones, just place them back in the charging cradle.
Everything from powering on to pairing is automated just by removing and plugging the earphones from and to the charging cradle.

* Auto-pairing is available once the initial device pairing has been completed.

IPX4 Waterproof

Robust Water Resistance from Moisture and Sweat

Certified with an IPX4 water resistance rating, the COWON CT5 earphones are suitable for not only outdoor activities with snow and rain but sports activities involving sweat and moisture.

Carrying, Charging, and Storage All in One
Portable Magnetic Charging Cradle

The magnetic charging cradle uses magnets to prevent the unintentional loss of your earphones.
When storing the earphones, simply place the earphones near the cradle to magnetically install them in the correct orientation
and begin recharging automatically.

Feather-Light Bluetooth Earphones at Just 4 Grams

The COWON CT5 earphones weigh merely four grams per unit, light enough to feel as if they are not being worn.
The charging cradle is also very light at only 41 grams, which means that the cradle and earphones are highly portable
at a combined weight of less than 50 grams.

Stylish Art Design
Suitable for Any Style or Occasion

The stylish patterns on the multi-function button LED indicators and the surrounding areas complete the COWON CT5’s
aesthetics and add a sense of luxury when worn.

One Button to Control Them All
One Button Operation

All earphone controls are available via a single button. The convenient multi-function button handles various functions such as power on/off, Bluetooth pairing, music playback, and calls.

One Press : Play / Pause, Answering a call / Ending a call

Two Presses : Next Track, Rejecting a call

Three Presses : Previous Track

One-Press Smart Speech Recognition

Google / Siri Activation

To use a speech recognition feature such as Google Now or Siri, press and hold the left earphone button for one second. Smart speech recognition is just at the tip of your fingertips.

* Press and hold the multifunction button for 1 secondto launch the voice recognition
   feature of your smartphone or tablet.
   (Android OS: Google Now / iOS: Siri / Window OS: Cortana – Except during calls)


Driver Unit

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth Profiles

Standby Time

Music-Playing Time

Charging Time

Operating Distance

6mm, Dynamic Canal Type



Up to 150 hours

Single Mode – About 3.5 hours / Dual Mode – About 3 hours
CT5 – About 1 hours / Battery Case – About 1 hours
* Number of available CT5 charges using charging cradle (500 mAh): 3.5 times (with fully charged charging cradle)
Up to 10m (Free space)

CT5 – 4g x 2 / Battery Case – 41g

Package Components